The purpose of this section is to capture MATC’s institutional history regarding the development of Pathways at the college. It is intended as a reference for those who work on Pathways in the future and a resource for those who may be beginning their own Pathways journey.

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The Pathways model has had a huge impact in improving many things at MATC. It has helped to blend developmental education with program course work. It is helping employers get more employees faster. It is helping students get employed more quickly. It will help the college capture relevant completion data as students achieve credentials throughout the pathway. Pathways helps the college quickly adapt to changing employer needs. Finally, Pathways have helped change how the college talks about education, jobs, and the intersection of the two.

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The History of the MATC Pathway The initial foray into Pathways began with MATC’s work with the RISE (Regional Industry Skills Education) initiative. This initiative was a joint effort of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to develop career pathways benefiting low income adults who lack college credentials or have limited English proficiency. However, it became evident that the RISE initiative was just a stepping stone to a model of career education that should be available to anyone. 11/4/13
Admissions/Financial Aid vs. Data Collection Two concerns have existed for many years at all WTCS colleges when considering laddering credentials (certificate to short-term technical diploma to technical diploma [one year and two year] to AAS degree). These concerns are related to tracking successful completers and granting financial aid to students.  11/4/13
The Pioneer Programs The first programs to focus on developing a Pathway were Nursing, Welding, and Culinary.  11/4/13
Curriculum and Instructional Design Curriculum management has had its own set of considerations as Pathways have begun to be developed. More…  11/4/13
Next Steps While much has been done in the development process for the Pathway Model, there are still unanswered questions and work to complete.  11/4/13
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