Wisconsin has adopted the National Career Clusters Framework to develop an integrated collection of programs and services intended to develop students’ core academic, technical, and employable skills.

In this framework, occupations are organized into 16 distinct career clusters based on common occupational skill-sets and related knowledge-bases. Each career cluster branches into one or more career pathways that map out a program of study. A program of study includes training and opportunities for continuous education that prepares students for a range of high-opportunity jobs within an occupation.


Career Pathways are Used to…

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Support Career Exploration

Career pathways help students explore different career options and better prepare for college and careers.

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Help Students Build Knowledge & Skill

Career pathways are used to design more effective curriculum and deliver instruction that prepares students for high skill, high demand, and high wage careers.

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Facilitate Continuing Education

Career pathways enable students to seamlessly advance over time to successively higher levels of education and employment in a given industry.